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Medlog - Sensitive Medicines Monitoring

  • Medlog (subsidiary of Portuguese pharmaceutical distributor Cooprofar) ensures that drugs are stored at the proper temperature from the time they are received from suppliers until they are delivered to some customers
  • 350 suppliers, 1000 customers, 6 warehouses
  • System Integrator: Creative Systems
  • Adopted RFID devices: CAEN RFID A927Z temperature loggers, handheld readers

Project Overview:
  • As the containers are moved through the warehouse and are delivered to customers in Medlog's vehicles, temperature data is stored on the tag
  • At destination, the driver downloads and transmits the data to a database (via GPRS)
  • The computer system analyzes the information and sends an alarm to the driver's handheld device in case of temperature issue
  • If the driver sees an alarm, he knows not to deliver the medication to the pharmacy without first consulting a manager
  • Web-based system

A press release on the project can be found here.

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